My childhood home's garden in 1991


My maternal grand-mother and my paternal grandfather were both the memory keeper of the family. Either with photography or a super 8 camera, I discovered quite young the power of captured-on-film memories of the people I love.

My parents when they were babies, their holidays at the sea coast playing with their siblings, the party in the garden of my childhood home when it was just finished to be built, the first months of my sister, a cliché of her holding me in her tiny arms when I was born two years after her, the two dogs which were part of our family. 

Memories of when I was not there yet or too young to remember, but which are part of my life, of who I am, of my legacy.

They are happy moments of real life, and now that life changed around me, that some of them are not there anymore, I cherish so much to have these memories.

The same garden, 30 years later


That’s how I became a photographer and a memory keeper myself. Being able to capture important life milestones that will become treasured memories for families and future generations gives me joy and happiness. All this while chasing beautiful lights that will enhance the moment, it's the icing on the cake for me!

On a more current level, I’m sharing my time between Amsterdam where I live with my amazing ‘’Chou’’ and precious friends who are a second family to me, and France where I often go to visit my loved ones (and get a bit of sun too, I must admit!).

When I don't take photographs, I might be...

  • at the ceramic studio making water jars or bowls,
  • on the phone with my sister and my nieces,
  • working for an environmental action with my fellow activist friends,
  • awed by the Art Deco and Art Nouveau architecture of the lovely Amsterdam,
  • and plenty other things ;-)

with your kind words

"What a thrill! I had so much joy discovering the pictures. Laura is very professional and made everyone (parents and kids) feel comfortable and relaxed. There was no pressure at all with the time, it almost felt like we were chatting with a friend, and the result is amazing. "

Jacintha, family session in amsterdam

"I think I know her secret... Laura likes people who love each other in real life.

She feeds on that and takes pleasure in giving it back to them a hundredfold."

Cesar & Virginie, WEDDING in southern france

"A big thank you for having captured our moments of life with so much simplicity and authenticity."

Mathilde, family session in lille (france)

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