Aasha mission is born from a 3-month trip in Southeast Asia in 2019, and from the idea to do something useful and meaningful of this time abroad.

Together with my partner Thomas, strategy manager at Signify at that time, we visited nine sustainable development projects led by local NGOs and social companies. We captured these visits in a series of photographs, to inspire people about existing social and environmental projects with a positive impact, and to connect people to the organisations behind these projects for advice, partnerships, or other support. Aasha (hope, in Hindi) Mission was born.

The programs tackle various issues, such as the lack of electricity in rural areas, poverty-induced education inequality, or gender inequality. Each project contributes to multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were set by the United Nations. Then, the «Affordable and clean energy» is often linked to women empowerment, referring to the «Gender Equality» and also often lead to a « decent work and economic growth ».

The Signify Foundation's support made this project possible. The series was showcased at the Impact Hub Amsterdam for two months, and the photographs were transformed into posters for various Signify offices while also enhancing the foundation's annual report.

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