• Smash Cake Photoshoot


    Lifestyle session, Maternity photoshoot & wedding reportage

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Soon a happy event in your life? Your family has grown up and you would like beautiful portraits of their little faces ?

Indoor and outdoor, in the place you like, I can capture those magical moments, this intense and important period which is the pregnancy.

For newborn photo session, the shoot takes place at home and during the day to enjoy a beautiful natural light. Plaids, blanket, headband and other accessories are more than welcome to create a cocoon for your child. For an easier shooting, plan the session in the early days of your baby. (Remember to contact me in advance;))
Other sessions are of course also possible, when your child is around 8 months for instance, when he's starting to sit up, or even for his first birtday, with a Smash The Cake session !

For more information, please feel free to contact me, I would love to talk with you about your project !