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Your wedding will be intense in emotions and moments, and you want to have beautiful memories of a day that you've organized with your  heart. That's why it is important to choose your photographer upstream !
If you're looking for a reportage starting from the preparation, it means your photographer will be with you from the morning until surely the evening, therefore having a good feeling with her/him is primordial.

Of course, it is also essential to like the style of your photographer, and to have a good match with your wishes.
Photographing your wedding in the way of a story is the opportunity to have photos taken on the spot, with a lot of emotions, a lot of natural, and which will fit you. From the preparations to the evening, through the ceremonies and the cocktail, I am fully flexible to provide the best reportage of this special day based on your exceptations and your budget.
We will organize two appointments several months before the D-day, to discuss about the flow of the day, what you like, and what you want from your photographer.

I am opened to all traditions and cultures, so feel free to contact me to talk in detail about your project!